Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Brides tell-all on their wedding day at the Delafield Brewhaus

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The snow is falling and many of us are curled up on the couch researching, pinning, clicking, saving and scouring for those perfect wedding details because; you are newly engaged! But now the hearts around your head have subsided and the reality of planning an entire wedding is making your love-struck heart a little heavy. Have no fear the Delafield Brewhaus is here! Below are some reviews from our very own Brewhaus Brides; hear what they have to say!

Customizable Catering

“The Delafield Brewhaus treated us like Family. Professional in every area, for example: One of our wedding guest had requested a Vegetarian/ Gluten free dinner. What am I going to do, we don't have that on our meal selection? After calling Trish, she said, ‘Sure we can do that no problem'. Every detail, small to large was perfect. At a wedding, we attended a year before, the couple had the Pasta Buffet. Fun, Fresh, Fantastic!!!For our Menu we had Pork Tenderloin, Duck and Mahi Mahi. Delish, Delish, Yum, Delish. I have an Onion/Garlic allergy, with great care the Chef made sure my day was perfect.”

Tricia Knutson, Banquet Coordinator

 “Tricia and her staff at the Delafield Brewhaus were awesome to work with. From the very first meeting until our wedding day, Trish answered every phone call and email in a timely fashion and never seemed to be annoyed with my millions of questions!”

“Trish and the staff were really easy to work with. The[y] were very flexible and quickly answered any questions I had (table size, table cloth color, gift table size, etc.). They made recommendations on reception setup but were willing to change things to your requests (we had our cake in the center of the dance floor, it looked amazing). Also, Trish did an amazing job setting up the tables and the food was amazing.”

“The banquet coordinator, Trish, was the most amazing person ever! She helped so much with the planning - and made sure our reception turned our perfect. On the day of, she had everything set up before the wedding party got there - she made the set-up so stress-free!”

Attention to Detail

“The Brewhaus Family was professional and friendly. I truly enjoyed my wedding, I didn’t have to ask any staff member to take care of anything, it was already done!!!

One more thing we found quite impressive, our dessert came from another venue, they gave us doggie boxes and wrapped everything up for us. If you’re looking for a Venue that wants you to enjoy your day without worry, this is your place. Cost was a 'Pinch me, wow, that's it??'
Sincere Heart felt Thank You to The Brewhaus.”

“Delafield Brewhaus was the best location for our wedding reception. After an exhausting search at many other locations, we felt we were never going to find the best location that combined affordability and beauty. Delafield Brewhaus was that option for us. The minute we sat down with Tricia to talk about it we knew we would be treated like valued customers. From the start, she made sure we knew what we would be spending money on and she was frank with us about menu options, making sure we knew which options were best to fit our budget. The food was amazing! We got so many compliments from our guests including that the chicken with mushroom sauce option tasted just like "mom's", and that the Portobello stuffed mushroom vegetarian option was the best veggie option guests had ever had at a wedding. As a bride, it is important for me to feel at ease but also in control, the staff was attentive and totally on the ball the entire reception. I had such a positive experience here, I can't recommend it more!”

$0 Room Fee when Booked by Valentine’s Day 2017

Let us take care of one more detail for you; the room fee! Let your Valentine’s Day be a little dreamier by checking the box next to “Reception Venue Booked” and getting the room fee waived! So, whether you are ready to book your wedding date or you are at the beginning of the planning process we are here for you. Please contact Banquet Director Tricia Knutson at 262.646.7821 ext. 103.

Congratulations on your engagement!