Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Secret to a Successful Special Event at the Delafield Brewhaus

Are the walls of your office papered with notes from your clients, thanking you for your excellent work? Trish Knutson’s are. There are hundreds of letters from people who have held their receptions, rehearsals, showers, baptisms, memorials, holiday parties -- if you can think of a reason for people to get together, chances are Trish has thrown that party. Those few hundred letters are just the tip of the iceberg; the rest are in albums, and more recently online.

I first saw the Wall of Thanks when I came to the Brewhaus a little over two years ago. I am very interested in uncovering the elements of service excellence, and wanted to know more about how the Banquet Department gets such a strong, consistently-positive response. Think about the last time you were so moved by a service experience that you sat down to write the provider a letter about it. It must’ve been pretty great to make you take the time. The Delafield Brewhaus is proud of the work they do, so I asked Trish to share the secrets of her success.

Turns out, there weren’t any secrets. The Brewhaus just got extremely lucky to have found a hardworking group that is interested in the work they do, and a leader whose genuine empathy gives her a unique insight into her clients’ events. Trish gets drawn into the emotional landscape of her clients, and from this unique perspective, can see things through their eyes. “I enjoy meeting each (wedding) couple and getting to know their personalities, getting caught up in the awe of love and planning their ‘perfect’ day,” she said, “It is always exciting, a new beginning, fresh, full of promise.”

At the opposite end of the spectrum are the very moving events, held to celebrate the lives of loved ones who have passed on. “Tearful laughter while talking about the person-of-honor’s life… reminds me of all the good people have to offer while they are here with us,” Trish said, “[t]he family members walking me through all the experiences… admirable actions and family traditions [makes me] appreciate my own family members, friends, associates and coworkers for all they are.”

She loves her work, but without her team, Trish would never be able to do it all. I’ve also had a behind-the-scenes look at her crew in action. Whether they are setting up for an event, serving it or taking down the room to get it ready for the next party, I can tell you first-hand that her team is professional, tight-knit and focused. Trish puts it best, “[o]ften resetting the banquet room at 2a.m. after serving 200 guests, this incredible group of people will work long hours with a smile of their faces… never a complaint, often a laugh.” She gets this impressive result from hiring hard workers who recognize that their work is the invisible structure that supports all the moving parts of a successful event. Perhaps most importantly, Trish knows her team is special, “I am extremely fortunate to work with this crew.”

An intelligent and empathetic leader, a professional and dedicated event staff, a convenient and lovely venue… what more could you want for your gathering? Trish has the answers here, too: “...our reputation, craft beer, fair pricing and excellent food!”

If you’re planning an event in the future, you can take a virtual tour here and then schedule a tour of the Delafield Brewhaus. With the reputation the Banquet Department has built, dates get filled in early, so call Trish soon and know your group will be in good hands.